Chocolate Banana Drink

When I want a milkshake replacement this is my go to drink. It is simple, does not contain very processed ingredients, is low(er) in added sugar, and has a good dose of potassium. It is best served right away.

The Recipe

1 frozen banana

1 Tbsp cacao or 1/2-1 Tbsp cocoa powder

3-4 ice cubes

8-10 oz unsweetened almond milk or other dairy free (or sweetened and remove the honey below)

2 tsp honey

Blend all the ingredients until frothy and malty. Enjoy!

Other Variations

If you like non-chocolate drinks, you can try a variety of frozen fruit with or without nondairy milks, depending on the final desired results. Some suggestions are below:

  • Frozen mango, ice cubes, ginger, honey, and water
  • Frozen blueberries, nondairy milk, ice cubes, and honey
  • Frozen banana, frozen pineapple, ice cubes, and honey
  • Frozen raspberries, honey, ice cubes, and cocoa powder
  • Frozen cherries, frozen blueberries, ice cubes, honey, and water
Mango Drink