Summer Veggie “Quickwich” [Gluten-free] [Vegan]

Back again with some quick midday day sandwich ideas! Use items from your garden or local farmers market to swap out any of these ingredients (some suggestions are listed below). Depending on your taste, you may find a variety of other options satisfactory. Don’t be afraid to grill, panini press, or cast iron press these for some added meal time flare (pun intended).

Alright, the steps:

  1. First wash, peel and slice all of your vegetables for easy assembly.
  2. Toast your bread or heat up your panini press/grill/cast iron skillet.
  3. Layer your sauces (see recommendations below). In some cases, you may wish to mix in finely chopped veggies into your sauces before spreading on the toast.
  4. Assemble and slice for easy consumption (or cut out bite sized cookie cutter shapes for the little ones).
  5. Enjoy! But bring a towel (these are messy unless pressed firmly in the press).

Ingredients to use:

Peeled and sliced cumumbers or zucchini

Sliced tomatoes

Sliced avocado

Hummus (look for lower fat–3 grams or less per serving)

Vegenaise or other vegan mayo of choice

(Optional) Honey mustard, which brings out the flavor of most veggies

Vegan bread (any variety works; limit seeds and nuts for children under 3)

Ready for assembly.

Other ingredients to consider:

Peeled and sliced large carrots (larger carrots are easier to keep in the sandwich)

Sliced radishes

Sliced fresh green onions mixed into your hummus (or chives for a more mellow flavor)

Sliced celery (or mince finely and mix into your hummus)

Sliced jicama

Large thin slices of cauliflower (raw is fine but you are welcome to pre-grill marinated ones)

Thinly sliced beets (these taste great with vegan “cheese” spreads and greens!)

Sliced celeriac (great served with honey mustard and pressed in the panini press)

*For a breakfast or dinner version, JUST Egg products are great added to these sandwiches as well as your favorite veggie patty that’s been fully cooked ahead of time

Now go be adventurous with your sandwiches! Please leave comments with your trials and errors below.