About Me

Hi, I’m Kirsten

Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist (RDN), foodie, cook, baker, lover of the outdoors, mother of 3 fur children, and one wonderful 3-year-old boy.

Welcome to Nosh Theory! If you are here, you are probably ready to implement clean and healthy plant-based eating for you and your new (or not so new) bundle of joy. You may also just be interested in mom hacks for quick and nutritious eating offered by an expert. Either way, welcome! I can’t wait to share my knowledge with you.

What’s special about our spin?

  • I’ve been on a long personal journey managing my celiac disease using a variety of diets, of which I have achieved the best health results using a plant-based whole foods eating plan. Using this eating pattern, I have achieved a sustained weight loss, normalized my lipid and blood sugar levels, improved my mood and energy.
  • I’ve been cooking and baking gluten-free for 10 years now, including vegan options.
  • I have over 10 years of clinical nutrition experience and 2 degrees (B.S. and M.S.) in advanced nutrition topics, including pediatric and renal nutrition.
  • I have 5 years experience working specifically in pediatric nutrition. I have the tips, tricks and hacks worked out on how to get little ones to eat and eat well! (Expert pearl: we are born with a true love for unprocessed whole foods and we know when and how much to eat)
  • Most importantly, I have walked this talk! I am a single mother of a rambunctious, would-rather-play-than-eat, spirited child who enjoys the outdoors, whole foods and hates chocolate (more for me!). And, I am able to feed us homecooked minimally processed food every week all while maintaining a demanding full-time job and not having to compromise my time with my son.

The truth is, we don’t need to be wasting our lives away worrying about our weight, counting calories, missing out on fun things we can be doing, going hungry every day to achieve results, and being given confusing “advice” from every person who thinks they are qualified to shell it out. Eating in a way that honors our bodies and our world is rather easy to achieve, but it can take time to figure out. I’ve spent 10 plus years doing the trial-and-error of gluten-free plant-based cooking, baking and dieting. I have gone through intense advanced education on the topics of metabolism, nutrition, clinical nutrition, and worked one-on-one with patients and their families to improve their health without feeling deprived. Taking care of ourselves should be fun, not difficult.