“Old Fashioned” Blueberry Scones [Vegan] [Gluten-Free]

There are some ingredients we just cannot get away from in our home. On occasion, we still use eggs and full fats such as coconut oil to achieve the “perfect” texture in our baked goods. One morning food that my son and I both love are scones. He is a big berry fan, so this… Continue reading “Old Fashioned” Blueberry Scones [Vegan] [Gluten-Free]

Morning Rice “Pudding” Bake

Our alternative to those delicious, but not celiac friendly, homemade oat bar recipes! As a single mom who has to rush from place to place each day, I am always on the lookout for a recipe that tastes great, offers me portability in a meal (quick post-drop-off river walk anyone!?), and is providing me with… Continue reading Morning Rice “Pudding” Bake

Overnight Fruit Salad

I recommend to all my patients to keep frozen fruits and vegetables on hand at all times. Not only does it make menu planning and meal prep a breeze, it can increase the variety of plant foods you eat. Making healthy food easily accessible is the best thing we can do for our healthy eating… Continue reading Overnight Fruit Salad

Breakfast Tacos

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you, I may make a commission should you click on them and make a purchase through the website. I have not been paid to advertise or review any of the products listed. Breakfast is such an important part of… Continue reading Breakfast Tacos