Low Carb Vegan Salad [Gluten Free]

You don’t really need us to tell you how to quickly throw together a veggie-based low carb salad, but we like to assist in the motivation department whenever possible, so here we go! All suggestions below are meant to aide in the preparation of quick meals and can, therefore, be eaten raw (though, you may… Continue reading Low Carb Vegan Salad [Gluten Free]

Overnight Fruit Salad

I recommend to all my patients to keep frozen fruits and vegetables on hand at all times. Not only does it make menu planning and meal prep a breeze, it can increase the variety of plant foods you eat. Making healthy food easily accessible is the best thing we can do for our healthy eating… Continue reading Overnight Fruit Salad

Warm Quinoa Salad

Quinoa is a wonderful Earthy tasting small round grain that is higher in protein than many other grains and is really easy to prepare. It takes on the flavor of almost anything you cook it with and can be used in breakfast, lunch or dinner recipes. Today I made a delicious and delightfully warm cucumber… Continue reading Warm Quinoa Salad