Quick Pumpkin Pie [Gluten Free] [Vegan]

Ah, fall. Pumpkin and spice dominate this lovely season full of yellows, oranges, and reds, cool breezes, and long sleeves. The thing is that craving for pumpkin pie usually hits us and we are ready to go have a slice that very moment! Then you get to the end of your recipe and remember it’ll… Continue reading Quick Pumpkin Pie [Gluten Free] [Vegan]

Low-Fat Coconut Rice Bowls [Vegan] [Gluten Free]

Coconut rice is such a delicious flavor but often times this unique flavor is achieved by adding that lovely but LDL raising coconut oil. In our household we have been working on recipes that eliminate any added fats that are not absolutely necessary from a culinary or taste standpoint. I am happy to report this… Continue reading Low-Fat Coconut Rice Bowls [Vegan] [Gluten Free]

Lemon Lovers Quick Grain Bowl [Vegan] [Gluten Free]

Fonio is a delicious small grain that is part of the millet family of grasses and is grown mainly in West Africa and Guinea. It is a lower glycemic index grain (GI is in the 60s compared to white rice in the 80s) and is rich in other nutrients, making it a great gluten-free option.… Continue reading Lemon Lovers Quick Grain Bowl [Vegan] [Gluten Free]

Low Carb Vegan Salad [Gluten Free]

You don’t really need us to tell you how to quickly throw together a veggie-based low carb salad, but we like to assist in the motivation department whenever possible, so here we go! All suggestions below are meant to aide in the preparation of quick meals and can, therefore, be eaten raw (though, you may… Continue reading Low Carb Vegan Salad [Gluten Free]

Summer Veggie “Quickwich” [Gluten-free] [Vegan]

Back again with some quick midday day sandwich ideas! Use items from your garden or local farmers market to swap out any of these ingredients (some suggestions are listed below). Depending on your taste, you may find a variety of other options satisfactory. Don’t be afraid to grill, panini press, or cast iron press these… Continue reading Summer Veggie “Quickwich” [Gluten-free] [Vegan]

Morning Rice “Pudding” Bake

Our alternative to those delicious, but not celiac friendly, homemade oat bar recipes! As a single mom who has to rush from place to place each day, I am always on the lookout for a recipe that tastes great, offers me portability in a meal (quick post-drop-off river walk anyone!?), and is providing me with… Continue reading Morning Rice “Pudding” Bake

“Meaty” Vegetable and Pasta Stew

Finding ways to make plant-based meals appeal to your whole family can be a challenge when you come from a “meat and potato” type of family. Luckily, we have many products on the market these days to replace traditional animal-based protein options. While I am an enthusiastic proponent of making your own mock meats (because… Continue reading “Meaty” Vegetable and Pasta Stew

(Toddler Friendly) Gluten Free Vegan Thai Curry Sauce

When my son was 1-2 years old, he loved eating Thai, Indian, New Mexican, and other spicy foods with us! Recently, he’s turned 2 and a half years old and his dietary habits have begun to change. In an effort to keep his palate varied, I have been experimenting with different versions of our favorite… Continue reading (Toddler Friendly) Gluten Free Vegan Thai Curry Sauce

Head-To-Head Beyond Meat Vs. Good Seed Crumbles

I wanted to do a head-to-head comparison of some store bought mock meats to compare them to my homemade versions. I have to say, I really prefer what I make at home but I have really been wanting to see if there are any fairly nutritious options available for purchase at the market for those… Continue reading Head-To-Head Beyond Meat Vs. Good Seed Crumbles

Herb Prep for Fridge and Freezer Storage

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you, I may make a commission should you click on them and make a purchase through the website. I have not been paid to advertise or review any of the products listed. It is a very common occurrence for… Continue reading Herb Prep for Fridge and Freezer Storage